Chocolate wrapped passion fruit mousse parcel

- 400gm whipping cream
- 120gm passion fruit puree
- 1layer ready made chocolate sponge layer

Dark Chocolate Mousse:
- 750gm Patissier Pure Origin Ghana 70
- 70gm butter
- 2tbsp rum
- 2tbsp vanilla essence
- 150gm fine sugar
- 200ml milk

- 2tbsp passion fruit
- 45gm candied fruits
- 45gm Patissier Signature White buttons
- 30gm peach wedges

1. Preparation of Dark Chocolate Mousse: Combine all ingredients of the dark chocolate mousse except the milk and melt it in a bain marie.

2. Then, add in the milk to the melted chocolate mix.

3. Cool the mixture to room temperature.

4. Fold in the whipping cream and passion fruit puree.

5. Fill a layer of chocolate mousse in a mini mould, then, lay a layer of the chocolate sponge onto it. Fill another layer of chocolate mousse over it. Repeat the process until it forms a mini tower of a height of 5cm.

6. Chill the chocolate mousse in the freezer for half an hour.

7. Wrap the chill dark chocolate mousse with a tempered chocolate sheet and topped it with peach wedges, Patissier Signature White buttons, candied fruit and passion fruit.

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