About Us

Coco and More Chocolates Pvt Ltd, is a specialized company dedicated to the procurement, sourcing and supply of cooking chocolates, cocoa and cocoa derivatives for applications in the bakery & confectionery industry, for preparation of cakes and pastries, ice creams and other food and dessert preparations.

The smoothness and flavours of these chocolates comes from more than a decade of research by professionals who have worked with state-of-the-art facilities at the Belgium manufacturing plant. The fineness and finish of our chocolate is unmatched as compared to any other variety of imported chocolate here in India.

Coco & More believes in providing quality products from the newest European technology and being cost effective. It holds these values as its key commitments. Coco & More started its operation in April 2004 and has been adhering to the stringent criteria of Chocolatiers!

Coco & More Chocolates Pvt Ltd sources Chocolates from state-of-the-art plant in Singapore using Belgium Recipes & Producing industrial chocolate products using raw material sourced from West Africa, Asia and South America.

There are different product lines which cater to the different genre of users. Aalst-Patissier is specially created for the professional chefs while Cacao Ivory brand is made available for baking enthusiasts. The range is tailored for different end applications: with specially formulated chocolates and compounds for use in ice cream, confectionary, baked goods and biscuits. Semi-finished products are also available, including cocoa powder (natural and alkalized).

Aalst chocolates have a higher cocoa content compared to the other available imported cooking chocolates in India; and thus give the palette of a real chocolate rather than that of fat. We have the cocoa know-how, the volume, the strategic location, and the commitments to give you the best choice for any of your applications. Coco & More can surely provide you with timely solution, whether you are looking for a new flavour profile to add to your product line, or require more flexibility in your ingredient functionality.

Coco & More is also dedicated in providing good customer service to all its clients.

Coco & More team provides a one-stop solution & technical support in the usage and applications of all its chocolate products.

Our Mission
The success of our company is derived from our company philosophy: to be approachable, cooperative, flexible, & accessible to all our customers

It is our mission to break into new territories and building strong bonds with all our customers. We share a common ambition to succeed with our clients.

We believe in providing economical yet quality products by investing in new technology, innovation, research and development, and market research.

We practice mutual trust and respect, tapping on personal achievement and individual leadership, to build a comfortable and systematic environment for our staff.

We strive to become a renowned Indian company with an array of MNC networks.

Our Vision
Realize our vision by holding true to our values and strategy
We are determined to be recognized as the Best Global Chocolate Supplier. We will earn this recognition from clients, and professionals through our ability to anticipate, learn, and shape our future, while always delivering the very best quality products.

Once a bizarre pleasure and now a symbol of gastronomic extravagance, chocolate pampers and excites one’s taste bud. Who would have thought the seeds of cacao pods could be transformed into such a palatable luxury? People everywhere fall in love with the unrivaled taste of chocolate. Addictive and craved by many, it is highly satisfying, people just can’t get enough of chocolate!

The cocoa beans and mass used in Aalst Chocolate are mainly from Madagascar, Venezuela, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Peru and Sao Tome. The beans that are selected are of the freshest and highest quality.

Cocoa beans from different sources are mixed according to the recipes. The blend of cocoa beans from the different regions will always determine the characteristic flavour of each chocolate. Coco & More also provides recipes that use single origin beans which bring out the distinctive characteristic of the region.

West African beans – Ivory Coast and Ghana are well known for their “body”: the basic aroma that they give to chocolate. Typically Latin American beans give the chocolate a more floral and fruity aroma. Madagascar, Sao Tome, Venezuela and Peru produce beans that have an exotic flavour and unique taste which is refreshing and awakens the senses.

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